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My use case: if I go home, it pre-loads the first 10 documents, then I click a document, and it pre-loads a document already in state, then I click home, and it re-loads the same 10 documents from the server!
Can SSR on @vercel be restricted to initial page loads? As far as I can tell every page Link results in getServerSideProps being called, even if the data is already on the client. I've tried <Link shallow={true}> but that doesn't seem to do anything.
@rauchg Cannot find module 'webpack'? The babel error looked similar if I recall correctly. Could re-create if it's helpful!
@paultoo 1,000% it's wild how politely this is all being discussed in public right now—can't imagine the actual adult conversations happening behind the scenes right now
@timer150 @rauchg Awesome! Thanks @timer150
@rauchg Sure! How should I send?
@RayleighJeans this is incredible—clicked for the matzah stayed for the flossing
Is it possible getInitialProps behaves more like what I was describing initially? I haven't been using it because it seemed like the Next.js docs were discouraging its use.
@acemarke 🙌 thank you!
Just added Nextjs to a project originally built with create-react-app and couldn’t get it to compile without manually adding webpack and babel/core to package.json. Anyone encounter that? I don’t recall needing to do that when creating a next app from scratch.