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Queued songs in question: Take on Me and Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now.
Kids’ new favorite technology feature: Siri play ______ next. Often, kids just want to be heard. Always surprised how good they are at reasoning about the future. If they know something will ‘definitely’ happen they’re much more likely to wait for it patiently. They trust Siri.
@RayleighJeans @ThatsMyNextBand Cover band gratuitous comas?
Despite many things I’m reading to the contrary, iOS 14 has been WAY faster/more stable for me on my iPhone 11 Pro compared to 13.7. Previous build made camera app almost unusable. So glad I upgraded.
Vibrating boundary effect for reference
Which made me realize several other Pixar movies (Up, WALL-E, Ratatouille) do a similar thing toward the beginning. Definitely gives their movies a weight that seems to last throughout the story.
Do green and blue sit so well on each other because that’s how color works or is it because we’ve evolved to see such a common sight in nature. Could our eyes have evolved to see cyan on red as a natural combination instead of perceiving the famous ‘vibrating boundary’ effect?
Ok maybe not right away ...
Recently noticed that Buzz and Woody both contemplate their mortality in the first 15m of Toy Story 2: Buzz getting blasted in a video game and Woody being thrown into the trash in a nightmare.