Sam Becker

Designer, Developer and Creative Director



Gender Neutral Bathrooms

The more we thought about this problem, the more obvious it became that any inclusive visual solution should focus more on what actually happens in a bathroom, rather than on who should be using it. Read more.


How do you transform a company that sells an analog value added service into an app powerhouse? Read more.


Help Shazam infiltrate popular culture without betraying the essence for their breakaway MVP product. Read more.

Crate and Barrel

Limited edition espresso mugs celebrating Crate and Barrel's iconic use of Helvetica. Read more.

Laurel Road

Dedicated to the dedicated: providing loans to the hardest working students in medicine, dentistry and law. Read more.


Since the founding of the company by John Tyson in 1935, the parent brand has always been synonymous with the beloved consumer product. With the acquisition of Hillshire Farms it became more clear than ever that Tyson needed to evolve. Read more.


Create a new umbrella brand called Dell Technologies built on a continuum of color temperature uniting all of Dell's sub-brands while carving out an important niche for each. Read more.

Time Warner Cable

Put customers at the center of everything Time Warner Cable does. Remove all of the clutter and confusion that had been building up and diluting the equity of a once-iconic brand. Read more.