Designer and Developer


@RayleighJeans is this what you meant by Coursera?
@btrafferty Can the ends match? The Retrograde PowerPoint Aide
@btrafferty The Pastor of Pasting? The Charismatic Charting Conservationist? Didactic Diagrammer? Vicious Visualizer?
@culturedcode 3.14 is incredible! Markdown support’s amazing and for the first time I’m able to use Things on Apple Watch w/out connection stalls—maybe due to ‘fractus?’ In any event, great job! Things is probably my favorite independent app/platform. You all are amazing.
@RayleighJeans I will get there!
@btrafferty by labeling your archetype I am recognizing your grievance! what would you call it btw?
Are we ready, as a society, for "Paste and Match Style" to become a default?
@btrafferty omg are you the user archetype holding back progress?! Can we not make a “smart” exception for complex content?