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AirTags make me feel, for a brief moment, like I drive an Apple car?
@jsjoeio More accessible than test-driven development but with some of the benefits, i.e., fearless refactoring, etc.
Can I can combine two Apple IDs by destroying one? I have a primary account (not associated with Apple email) and a email address. If I destroy the account will it free up to associate with my main account?
@vercel_status have been getting occasional 404s for next static assets like css/js in the last couple hours. Is there anything going on?
@acemarke Will provide any I can!
Is there a name for documentation that exhaustively lists functions and their parameters without explaining how they're meant to work together? Unit documentation? Auto-generated? Is what I'm looking for "integration documentation?"
Another way to ask: does destroying an Apple ID based on an Apple email address like '' free up '' to be used by someone else?
Just got my ticket for #nextjsconf by @vercel, claim yours! Let's make the Web. Faster.
WOOF—believe it or not this puts me in a decent percentile?—I got a 25% knowledge score on this year's #StateOfCSS survey! Take the survey here: