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Realized this while working with @NotionHQ but it applies to pretty much all markdown software. Seems especially crazy in @googledocs.
Shouldn't H1s be smaller when there are no H2s (and H2s smaller when there are no H3s)? Just put my finger on something that has been bothering me about markdown forever. Why choose H2 over H1 just for the smaller font size? Isn't the point that the hierarchy is all relative?
The creative writing workshop I took with George Saunders is one of my favorite classes ever. Uncanny how well he’s captured that experience here. So warm, funny, accessible. As a designer/engineer this is such a helpful explanation of the writing process.
@conradframe @SendGrid Same here. Are you able to log into your account?
@angelawolak Ok that is an undeniable problem with what I proposed. Counterpoint: isn’t that sort of how Google Doc outlines work, i.e., a design that has to make sense without knowing the eventual depth of the document? Realize that’s a slightly different use case …
@SendGrid I’m getting 503 service unavailable errors when using your API. When I tried to login as a user at I got a maximum login attempt error the first time I tried to sign in. Any ideas?
@acemarke Can’t believe how polished + ergonomic Redux/Redux Tool continue to get. Nice work!
@cucinadellafra omg! If my mom was on Twitter I’d tag her! She’ll have to wait for the newsletter …
@acemarke @rahul_bhoot @tannerlinsley @reactjs This looks amazing Mark. Makes so much sense to have this type of behavior live close to state. And the docs are already so communicative!