Designer and Developer


@angelawolak Ok that is an undeniable problem with what I proposed. Counterpoint: isn’t that sort of how Google Doc outlines work, i.e., a design that has to make sense without knowing the eventual depth of the document? Realize that’s a slightly different use case …
@madebymutual @rauchg @sdothaney @zeithq @timer150 @vercel Sadly I ended up moving that dependency to a separate @vercel project where it’s basically the only one. Never found a reasonable way to micro-manage/accurately assess dependencies.
Can’t believe this is happening again so quickly I no longer have any sense of time #nextjsconf
@SlackHQ Does the build on your site fix the issue? Thank you for your response!
@benmvp You should be speaking!
Is there any way to mute the sound of @SlackHQ notifications when you're in "Do Not Disturb" mode on a Mac? Feel stupid asking this question.
@SlackHQ 🙏🙏🙏
@seanmcarroll just listened to your 2019 podcast w/ @Rob_Reid in which the beam splitter app told one of you to ‘snap twice.’ Are there versions of the universe where the podcast recorded you snapping once? If so did other copies of me hear it? Feel to answer a simple yes or no!
@acemarke @rahul_bhoot @tannerlinsley @reactjs This looks amazing Mark. Makes so much sense to have this type of behavior live close to state. And the docs are already so communicative!