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@AskDoctorJo Thank you so much for getting back to me, and for sharing these exercises in the first place!
💯 createSlice + TS support made redux essential for me. Experimented for a bit with vanilla useReducer via contexts and very much regretted it.
@SecretAgent_Joe WAIT if you choose A but the answer was D, or vice versa, are you still right?! I mean, hypothetically, because then you wouldn’t be answering the meta question, you’d only be following instructions and not ‘answering,’ per se. Is this question actually coherent?
UPDATE figured out the second part—just needed to set “strict” to `true` in tsconfig.json. Still trying get hooks linting going. I think the rule was called exhaustive-deps?
@SecretAgent_Joe Thank you for bringing it into my life!
@AskDoctorJo did these incredible TMJ stretches which allowed my teeth to meet for the first time in a week what does it mean if my bite regresses 10 minutes later? Am I on the wrong track or I should keep at it? How many times/day should I do these?
@sachinpc Agreed. I think I was passing a reference to useReducer state and dispatch to components via contexts. I didn’t measure but it seemed less performant than redux and definitely more unwieldy!
Sometimes my PT holds a stretch for a long time in order to create a lasting release. Can I hold these stretches for a long time? Are there risks in that?
The approach for managing multiple Firebase environments on an iOS app from this incredible article worked for me from sometime last year up until this morning and now cryptically fails. Has anyone else experienced that? @milner_tyler